Morgan's Vale and Woodfalls
CE Primary School

Faith in learning, achievement for all

Pupil Premium Allocation & Spending Statement

Financial Year 2015/16

Allocated Funds

Pupil Premium Allocation: £15 840
Total: £15 840

How this was spent

The School has a robust system for checking progress and expects all pupils, regardless of ability, belief, gender, race, background or disability, to make ‘Good’ or better than expected academic progress. Children are assessed based on teachers’ professional judgment at least three times a year and children are given additional support if they make ‘Expected’ rather than ‘Good’ progress. The school uses a variety of literacy and numeracy interventions delivered by a combination of the Class Teacher and Teaching Assistants.

“You demonstrate a passion and an absolute belief that every child deserves the best possible education and experience during their primary years. The school’s inclusive ethos is evident in all aspects of its work. ‘Faith in learning, and achievement for all’ is reflected in the everyday life of the school. This ethos and belief is shared by staff and supports pupils to achieve and experience success in their academic and personal development.” Ofsted 2016.

Pupil Premium has been spent on staffing and educational resources to support interventions for pupils who are vulnerable to not making ‘Good’ progress. Some money has been allocated to provide additional maths, reading and writing resources such as the Doodle Maths and Lexia Reading apps. These resources develop and extend early maths and reading skills for children of all abilities and can be used as catch up programmes for children vulnerable to underachievement. Children can access them on the School’s iPads and at home.

The School appointed an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) during this academic year and she has worked with many children entitled to support from the Pupil Premium. Her role is to support the emotional wellbeing of our children which enables them to learn more effectively. This year the School also trialled Key Stage 1 children attending ‘Forest Schools’ sessions in a local woodland, Tinney’s Firs. These sessions develop teamwork, care for the environment, promote wellbeing and cover many areas of the curriculum in an ‘out of classroom’ setting.

Financial Year 2016/17

Allocated Funds

Pupil Premium Allocation: £18 480
Total: £18 480

How this will be spent

Pupil Premium will continue to be spent on staffing and educational resources to support interventions for pupils who are vulnerable to not making ‘Good’ progress.

Some of the Pupil Premium funding will cover some of the ongoing costs of employing an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA). Following the success of the ‘Forest Schools’ trial in 2015/16, this will be extended this year to provide Forest School sessions for children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

The school will continue to purchase subscriptions to apps such as Lexia Reading and Doodle Maths which are accessed through the school’s iPads (and at home). Such apps support rapid progress in numeracy and literacy and so disadvantage learners vulnerable to underachievement will be prioritised with such interventions.

Pupil Premium money will be used to assist parents with the costs of trips, uniform and Breakfast Club childcare. This allows equity of access to all the educational experiences the school offers and assists parents in ensuring their child starts the day ready to learn.