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You may be aware of a significant piece of legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR), which comes into effect at the end of May 2018. This is a piece of European Union legislation that affects any holders and users of your personal data and therefore affects Schools due to the personal data we hold regarding your children.

Please carefully read the Privacy Notice, linked below, which outlines the kind of personal data we hold and the legal basis that we have for holding some of your data and how long we will be holding that data for. Some personal data we hold is not required to fulfil our statutory obligations to the Department for Education, for example the photographs we take. There are apps and services that the School uses to enhance the curriculum that we teach. In these instances, an account is set up for your child so they can access this resource and this typically involves your child’s name and date of birth and then the assessment data that is generated by the app. The providers of these services are all in the process of producing GDPR compliance statements which we can make available to you if you are interested or have any concerns – these will also be available on their websites.

The services we currently use of this kind are:

  • 2Simple’s ‘Build a Profile’,
  • Andrell Education’s Big Maths Online,
  • EZEducation’s Doodle Maths app,
  • Read Theory,
  • Seesaw: The Learning Journal,
  • Spelling Shed

The GDPR legislation requires us to explicitly request your permission to hold and process this additional data and there is a form attached below for this purpose.