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Parent Information Evening

On 22 November 2013 the teaching staff updated parents on a number of changes, made by the Department for Education, that will affect your child's education over the next year. Mrs Holt described the changes in the English Curriculum and how we are encouraging children to read even more! Mrs Jaffray covered changes to the Maths Curriculum and Mrs Green presented the changes to arrangements for children with Special Educational Needs. Mr Nagel-Smith also gave a presentation on E-Safety with some tips for how to keep your child safe online.

All the presentations are downloadable using the links below and there is also a direct link from the school's Facebook page. I would recommend that you have a look at all of these presentations. The E-safety presentation in particular has links to resources that can help you parent your children in this rapidly changing area where often our children are more knowledgeable than us!

The main highlights are that in English, poetry and grammar will have a greater prominence and in Maths, the national expectations for learning tables and learning to tell the time are a little earlier and your child will use fractions sooner in their school life than they used to.

Many of the other changes in Maths are already taken care of by our "Big Maths" approach to teaching Maths so your children are already in line with the new expectations. Other expectations in English around Speaking and Listening and Reading are also already very much a part of what we already do.

Telling the time is often a skill that is independent of mathematical ability so we would like to enlist your helping with this at home. Children are expected to be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes by the end of Year 2 and to the nearest minute by the end of Year 3 (including 24 hour clocks and clocks using roman numerals). To help with this the school is giving every child an analogue clock (with battery!) to put in their bedroom or a shared family space. The clocks should be easy to write on with a drywipe marker so you can add the "past" and "to" or roman numerals as your child's time telling develops!

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